TRIO KP-7070 Direct Drive Turntable

290 €

Category: Turntables

Brand: TRIO


Fully functional. Visual condition can be seen on the pictures. There is no cover for this turntable.

Japan edition, 100V.


Type Quartz PLL direct drive turntable
Phono Motor Section
Drive system Direct drive
Motor Quartz PLL reversible servo
20-pole 30-slot DC motor
Starting torque 1.5 kg / cm or more
Turntable 33 cm, 2.6 kg Aluminum Alloy Die-cast
Moment of inertia 550 kg / cm2(Including Rubber Sheet)
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Wow and flutter 0.022%(WRMS)
Signal-to-noise ratio 62dB(JIS)
Transient load characteristics 0.00030% or Less (400 Hz, 33 1/3rpm, 20g ・ cm Load)
0.00015% or Less (1 kHz, 33 1/3rpm, 20g ・ cm Load)
Steady-state load characteristics 0% (Needle Pressure Up to 120g)
Start-up characteristic 1.8 seconds
Rotational speed deviation Within ± 0.002%
Time drift 0.0002% / h or less
Temperature drift 0.00002% / ℃ or less
Power supply voltage characteristics 0% (± 10 V)
Tone Arm Section
Type Static balance S-shaped pipe arm
Structure Elastic coupling mass separation system
Effective arm length 245mm
Overhang 15mm
Tracking error + 1.8 ° ~ -1.0 °
Needle pressure variable range 0 ~ 3.0g (0.1g step)
Applicable Cartridge Weight 2 ~ 12g (when using the attached shell)
Attached shell Aluminum alloy die-cast using audio litz wire
Arm height adjustment 6mm
Attachment mechanism Static type anti-skating
Helicoid type arm height adjustment
Wedge chuck type arm lock
Two core shielded audio cord
Recoilless oil type arm elevation
Dual suspension absorber
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 9W
External dimensions Width 490x Height 165x Depth 454 mm
Weight 15.5kg