VICTOR QL-A70 Auto Lift-up Turntable

720 €

Category: Turntables

Brand: Victor


Fully functional, exceptionally good condition as can be seen on pictures. Japan edition, 100V.


Type Record player
<Turntable portion>
Drive system FG Detection Quartz Lock Coreless DC Servo Direct Drive
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Wow flutter 0.005% (Rotating Part FG Method)
Signal-to-noise ratio 80dB(DIN-B)
Start-up characteristic 1/2 turn or less
Starting torque (maximum) 1.4kg-cm
Inertial mass 560kg-cm2
Rotational speed deviation 0.002%
Turntable 35 cm aluminum die-cast, 2.9 kg (including seat)
Tone Arm Section
Type Static Balance / New Gimbal Support / S-Shaped Universal Type
Effective length 254mm
Needle pressure adjustment range 0 ~ 3g
Head shell weight 10.8g
Weight of mounted cartridge
(including head shell)
12.5g ~ 28g
Up to 35g (when using SW-A70)
Arm Height Variable Range + 4.5 ~ -3.5 mm
Cabinet finish Rosewood Mirror Finish
Other Automatic stop up mechanism
Power consumption 17.5W
External dimensions Width 495x Height 187x Depth 405 mm
Weight 12.3kg
Sold Separately Sub Weight SW-A70 (¥ 2,000)