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Category: Turntables



Fully tested and working. Notice, this is Japanese version, 100V.

Form Cartridgeless player system
<Phone motor part>
Motor Quartz PLL DC servo hall motor
Drive system Direct-drive
Bearing structure SH and a rotor scheme
Turntable diameter 31cm
Turntable inertial mass 330kg-cm2 (turntable sheet included)
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotational frequency change The electronic formula by a short stroke switchpoint
Rotation unevenness 0.012% or less (PL-50L, WRMS/FG Direct-reading method)
0.013% or less (PL-50, WRMS/FG Direct-reading method)
0.023% or less (WRMS/Japanese Industrial Standard)
S/N 78dB or more (DIN-B)
65dB or more (Japanese Industrial Standard)
Load variation 0% (less than 200g of stylus forces)
Startup property Less than 1/3 rotation
Starting torque 1.6kg-cm
Velocity detection scheme Perimeter integrator type FG
Rotational frequency deflection 0.002% or less
Drift Time drift : 0.00008%/h
Temperature drift : 0.00003%/degree C
Braking mechanism Pure electronic formula
<Tone arm part>
Form Oil braking scheme static balance S character type pipe arm
Effective length 250mm
Overhang 14mm
Tracking error + 2.1 degrees-1.2 degrees
Stylus-force coordination 1g (0.1g tick mark) of wait 1 rotations
Conformity cartridge self-weight 4g-13g (at the time of an attached shell using)
Height adjustable range �}3mm
Head shell An aluminum impact press head shell, 10.5g of self-weights
An attached organization Quartz locking-in Decatur
Quick stop
Silence lift up (only an electronic formula and PL-50L)
The semiconductor used etc. Quartz crystal: One
Hall device: Four (PL-50 is 3)
light-emitting-diode: Four (PL-50 is 3)
Transistor: Four
Diode: Four
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption PL-50:8W
Dimensions Width 490x height 190x depth of 401mm
Weight 15kg
Option Dumping coordination adapter JP-506 (8,500yen)
Switching wait JP-507 (2,400yen)