Denon DP-55M

500 €

Category: Turntables

Brand: Denon


Fully tested and working. Notice, this is Japanese version, 100V.

Form Player system
<Phone motor part>
Motor AC servomotor
Speed control Both-directions servo DENON Quartz
Number of rotations 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Wow and flutter Below 0.01(0.015/0.02) %w.rms
Number-of-rotations deflection Less than 0.002%
Signal to noise ratio 78dB or more
Starting time Less than (33 1/3) 1.5 seconds
Load characteristic 0% (the needle pressure 100g outermost circumference)
Voltage characteristic It is 0% to 90-110V.
Turntable Aluminum die-casting 30.8cm
<Arm part>
Form Static balance S type with dumping
Active length 244mm
Overhang 14mm
Needle pressure regulation 2.5g (0.1g of one scale) of one rotation
Conformity cartridge tare Shell is about 15-19g.
Shell 9g (about [ PCL-4 ])
Height regulation About 5mm
Cabinet 20mm of grain tone finish thickness high-density particle which is not borrowed
(60mm of arm lower thickness lamination)
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions Width 485x height 165x depth of 400mm
Weight 11.5kg