PIONEER Exclusive P-10

3600 €

Category: Turntables



Fully tested and working! Notice, this is Japanese version, 100V.

Form Cartridgeless player system
<Phone motor part (EM-10)>
Motor synopsis Linear torque DC hall motor
Bearing structure SHR scheme
Drive system Direct-drive
Control system Quartz PLL
Rotational frequency 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotational frequency precision 0.002%
Rotation unevenness 0.007% (WRMS, the FG method)
0.015% (WRMS, the Japanese-Industrial-Standard record method)
S/N 78dB(DIN-B)
Starting torque 3kg-cm
Opposite load characteristics With no rotational frequency transition to 540g of stylus forces
Startup property 0.9 second
Turntable 31cm aluminum low voltage casting, weight of 2.8kg (included vibration proof material)
Inertial mass 680kg-cm2 (it is an included about a motor rubber sheet)
<Tone arm part (EA-10)>
Form Dynamic balance type twin pipe exchange system
a straight-with integrated head shell pipe — and
S character type universal pipe
Arm effective length 282mm
Overhang 12.5mm
Tracking error + 1.85 degrees-1.10 degrees
Stylus-force adjustable range 0-3g (0.1g step)
Conformity cartridge self-weight 4g-52g (wait exchange system)
Height adjustable range �}3mm
Output code With a low-impedance gilding plug (oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper line)
Base attachment Collet chuck scheme
Braking part The low-pass brake style by silicon oil
(Dumping fator variable scheme)
An attached organization Direct lever scheme anti skating
Silicon oil dumping scheme arm lifter
<Main-unit part>
Cabinet The Andes rosewood native wood finish
Hood 5mm thickness acrylics smoked �\���� hood
Hinge A free stop, a removable
Insulator The insulator by a coil spring and rubber (low centroid structure)
A brake with a quick stop An electron, a mechanism combined use brake
Manual operation button A feather touch, the short stroke push SW
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 9W
Dimensions Width 550x height 245x depth of 415mm
Weight 30kg