Mordaunt Short 05i

130 €

Category: Speakers



Mordaunt-Short MS 05i – two-way speaker system. On the front panel there are two columns vented port. Cone woofer, made on proprietary technology (MCS-technology), has a diameter of 100 mm dome tweeter polyamide – 10 mm. Black baby (170x260x180 mm) looks great as a decorative grille, and without it. Dimensions speakers make it easy to cope with the problem of its placement. Of course, be preferable to the place where the back panel would have a wall. Recommended amplifier power range of 15-60 watts, the maximum peak power of 120 watts. Sensitivity of the results of measurements – 86 dB. Frequency response looks like gangbusters; average unevenness of about ± 3 dB. Well built middle part, so the vocals sound perfectly. Slightly accentuated polite attitude to the voice accurately convey individuality artist. High stringency observed treatment for the vast majority of string, brass, keyboards. The lower part of the range does not imply, of course, as a listener of the refined connoisseur of organ music, but the contrabass space enough, and he will preserve his palette. Clear that the developers of the system in the organization of both the lower and upper range guided by rational considerations, determines the size of the column – above the head can not jump… You could complement system Mordaunt-Short MS 05i stunning tweeter, but then irreversibly (not save power) lost his balance and inadequate price increases . Low field uniformity requires well-defined orientation of the speakers to achieve a good stereo. In accordance with the characteristics of the module input impedance nominal impedance of 6 ohms. Crossover sub-bands of 3 kHz. Relatively high frequency of the resonator tuning once again confirms that developers Mordaunt-Short MS 05i not sought in this case the listener to conquer the big drum sounds.

Fully tested and working!